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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Injecting Koi Fish

There are three injection sites on a Koi, Intraperoteneal (IP), Intramuscular (IM), and Intravenous (IV). IP is the most common  and the most effective method. Antibiotics or vaccines injected into the peritoneal cavity are absorbed into the fish’s system slowly as opposed to oral medication which will mostly pass straight through.

Friday, October 27, 2017

How To Make Koi Fish Food ?

KOI FISH FOOD --  A balanced koi fish food will strengthen your koi’s immune system and will ward off disease, just like us. oi food come in many different sizes and quality. There is no need to purchase fish food when you may be able to find a snack they will love right in your own yard.  High protein koi foods needed for their best growth. Best Koi fish food very expensive to buy. You  can make koi home made fish food  yourself.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Building A Koi Pond Using Pond Liner

Pond Liner Pond, photo stasko,cc.gatech.edu
Building a koi pond in short time is not difficult as you think it. You can use pond liners to design and create a modern koi pond as you want. You can create unusually shaped pond or you need a pond that fits a particular home style or design then you can best achieve this by using flexible pond liner. With the preformed pond liner your pond will look like it was professional installed.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Color And Pattern Of Koi

KOI FISH COLOR -- The coloration and patterns of a Koi Fish  are in many cases, the thing that attracts people into the hobby of  Koi keeping. These same two factors are also very important in determining the quality and therefore value of any particular koi  fish. Yet our understanding of fish and, particularly Koi, coloration is still and inexact science, which is plagued by theories, old wives tales and relatively few facts.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Koi Pond Filtration

koi pond filter
KOI POND FILTRATION -- Pond water quality is the key to enjoying Koi pond, so it is better to have a smaller pond with superb filtration capability than to have a large pond with undersized filters. Good Pond Filter Design make good koi pond water quality. If we have good water quality Koi will growth well and beautifull. Koi pond filtration not difficult or complicated. It can be very frustrating, time-consuming, and labor-intensive though if it is not carefully planned ahead as part of the pond system.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Make Koi Pond Shine With Pond Lighting

Pond Lighting
Pond Lighting, Photo www.dexknows.com
KOI POND LIGHTING -- Lighting in Koi Pond doesn't provide any real benefits to the koi fish but adding lighting to a koi pond creates another dimension to a garden’s ambiance at night. Safety must always be the first consideration when adding pond lights to your koi pond. There are many available koi pond lighting ideas that transform dark and uninviting places into secure settings by illuminating fish, plants, trees, rocks, decks and pathways in an almost magical way.