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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Diference Male And Female Koi

SEXING KOI FISH -- Male and Female Koi fish in mature age is much easier sexing  than they are in immature. As koi owners you wonder how to tell the sex or gender of koi fish. In breeding session sexing koi needed to know male or female koi. As koi grow, prominent signs of their gender develop, You can start koi sexing through observation of your koi fish.

How To Know Diference Male And Female Koi

There are the differences between male and female koi:

Body Conformation

To know gender of koi fish Koi fish, yo can start from body conformation, because Male and female Koi have different body conformations . Male koi have slender body like a torpedo shape and Male Koi will be long and skinny, like a cigar.
Female koi fish are usually fatter at the abdomen. When viewed from above you can see they are wider and rounder. Female Koi get wider than male Koi because they carry tons of eggs.

Female Koi grow larger than male koi and Koi collectors make it a point to only have female Koi in their ponds, since the large and wide body displays patterns much better.

Koi Sexing Video

Fin Of Koi Fish

Second step we can see from fin of koi fish. Female and Male Koi have different looking fins. Female fins tend to be larger, but will have less color. Female fins will have a rounded edge and will be opaque. Male fins will have a pointy edge and will have a solid color look to them.
Female Koi Fin, Rounded Edge

Male Koi Fin, Pointy Edge

White Spot On The Gill Plates

Male koi fish have breeding tubercles come breeding time. These are small white spots specifically on the gill plates. You can feel the cheeks and fin fish by hand, the male koi will feel rough.



Giovanni Carlo Bagayas said...

How old will the male koi fish develop a white spots on the cheeks and pectoral fins?

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