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Friday, October 14, 2016


ANCHOR WORM KOI DISEASES -- Anchor worms are tiny threadlike crustaceans that bury themselves under the scales of Koi, which then become parasitic. Anchor worms can greatly reduce the Koi's strength and increase the change of a secondary infection. They can be seen with the naked eye however may be overlooked as an Anchor worm. The use of a magnifying glass will help confirm that Anchor worms are present.

The treatment for Anchor worm Koi Diseases is usually with a proprietary solution which is best recommended by your local Koi Supplier or Koi Club. Once the Anchor worms have died, the dead parasites must be removed from the fish otherwise infection may occur. You may need to repeat the treatment several times to ensure that all Anchor worms and/or larva are killed. Contamination can be caused by birds eating infected fish and then infecting another pond with its faeces, thus causing the larva/Anchor worm cycle to start again.

How To Remove Anchor Worm From Koi Ponds

Fortunately there is a simple solution, Dimilin. This particular product is effective in targeting parasite of this type in both ponds and aquaria. Dimilin works by interrupting the mating practices of anchor worms hence breaking their life cycles. This also means that those currently embedded in the fish will remain unscathed, but they will be no longer able to produce offspring. Once the life cycle is broken, the female anchor worm will eventually die and the fish should recover as it is not wise to attempt to remove the parasite from the fish because this could potentially lead to a secondary infection.

There is a way to remove the parasite if you must, but it involves the use of a water type salt called Potassium Permanganate. This product can be purchased in places that sell water purification equipment and supply. When dipped in a solution of water and the PP the anchor worm will release its hold from the side or back of the fish and can be gently swept away.

Anchor worm can spiral out of control in a pond in alarming fashion. If left unchecked the worm itself can cause major damage to the fish and potentially spawn major infections. Fortunately we carry the only simple, one step solution to removing anchor worms from you pond!



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